Frequently Asked Questions

What does permanent placement mean?

Medical Staffing Source Of America, Inc will secure a full time permanent position that matches your geographical interests, the setting you desire to work in, patient population you wish to work with. Whether your seeking a staff or management position we will find a perfect match for you. We assist in the negotiation process if necessary between you and our client to try to obtain your expectations in regards to compensation and benefits. You will be considered an employee of our client and you will go through our clients normal hiring process. Our client will check your references, possibly conduct a background check, possibly conduct a drug screen. We will usually procure 3-4 professional references from you on behalf of our client. Our candidates or employees never pay a fee for our medical staffing services. Our fees are covered by our clients who partner with us to locate high quality medical professionals.

Do you submit my resume to your client without my knowledge?

Many recruitment firms submit resumes to their clients having never spoken to a candidate. These firms receive your resume from a job board or web site and send your resume over without your permission. The reason for Medical Staffing Source Of America's success is because we personally speak to every candidate and build a relationship with every candidate. You will know exactly when and where your resume is being submitted and with your permission we will commence the interview process with our client. We will represent all your parameters to our client prior to submitting your resume as well as divulge our clients expectations and job description/details.

What is a temporary assignment?

If you are a skilled medical professional and wish to travel the country, build your resume, experience a variety of healthcare facilities, or make new friends or increase your income. There are so many appealing aspects about accepting a travel or temporary position. Whether you want to pick up an occasional shift near home or travel the country we will find the placement that’s right for you. Your next career move can be in a fast-paced metropolitan hospital or a peaceful rural community clinic—it’s up to you. You must be licensed to practice your discipline in the state you wish to travel to. Travel assignments are generally 13 weeks, once you complete an assignment you can travel to your next location or possibly extend the assignment your currently on or you can take a break between travel assignments. Medical Staffing Source Of America, Inc. offers great benefits, free housing complete with furnishings, travel expenses paid, car rental or auto reimbursement. Medical Staffing Source Of America, Inc. has been staffing medical facilities for more than 12 yrs. We offer travel jobs in all 50 states in many different disciplines.

What do I need to do to start working with Medical Staffing Source Of America, Inc?

First, you will need to complete our online application on our job search page or search our jobs and submit your resume. You may also call 1-800-482-8810 and we will walk you through our process. A recruiter will speak with you about your goals. Medical Staffing Source Of America, Inc will roll out to you the options we currently have for you in the states you wish to travel to as well as the states your licensed in. Once an assignment location is decided you will need to complete a skills checklist as well as provide an updated resume and current references. We will then start the credentialing process and we will obtain all the necessary documentation from you to get this process started.

Is there a fee for Medical Staffing Source Of America, Inc staffing services?

Our candidates or employees never pay a fee for our medical staffing services. Our fees are covered by our clients who partner with us to locate high quality medical professionals.

What type of housing will be provided to me while on my travel job assignment?

Medical Staffing Source Of America, Inc. is experienced in securing and arranging housing in locations nationwide. We will work together with you to provide you with quality housing for your assignment. Typically, accommodations will be a one-bedroom apartment or "extended stay" corporate housing located in an area convenient to your assignment. Medical Staffing Source Of America, Inc will cover the expenses associated with housing during this temporary assignment. Many of the housing providers we use nationwide have amenities such as health clubs, tennis courts, swimming pools and hot tubs. Everything is normally furnished, down to your towels and pots and pans. In some cases, you may select your own housing using our attractive housing allowance.

May I stay permanently with a client after I have completed my travel assignment?

If you find an assignment fits perfectly with your lifestyle, we can help you transition into becoming a permanent staff member.

Can I travel with a friend, relative, or pet?

Absolutely! You can bring whom ever you would like on your travel assignment, whether is be a close friend (s), spouse with you to enjoy the experience. And, having your pet along with you can make it feel even more like "home." However, you will be responsible for any pet deposits required by the housing complex, as well as any difference in housing arrangements (upgrades to a 2-bedroom, etc). You will also be responsible for any travel related expenses for your traveling companion. We can discuss this with you directly as the process moves along.

What if I have a problem with my travel job or housing while I'm on an assignment?

We provide customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We are here for you whenever you need us. We can be reached by e-mail, phone and voicemail, even in the evening and on weekends. We will do everything we can to make sure your pleased with your choice and that everything is running smoothly.

What should I bring on my travel assignment?

You only need to bring personal items like clothing and toiletries. You may also want to bring your computer, bicycle and other personal items.

While I am on a travel assignment am I considered an Employee of Medical Staffing Source Of America, Inc?

Yes while on a travel assignment you are an employee of Medical Staffing Source of America, Inc unless you are transitioned from a temporary to permanent position with our client.

When and how am I paid?

You are bi-paid weekly. Medical Staffing Source of America, Inc. offers Direct Electronic Deposit to the bank of your choice or we can mail a check directly to you overnight on your assignment.

Are taxes taken out of my check?

Yes. As you are an employee of Medical Staffing Source Of America, Inc we handle your withholding taxes and will send you a W2 at the end of the year.